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Undecided voters discuss the U.S. Senate debate

10:15 PM, Oct 18, 2012   |    comments
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By Leisa Zigman

Clayton, MO (KSDK) - NewsChannel 5 put together a group of undecided voters and had them watch the debate with Republican and Democrat leaning voters. We put together a wide group of voters including a banker, a professor, a police dispatcher, a youth minister, and a salesman.

Jana Conoyer, a police dispatcher, was undecided before the debate began. She credited McCaskill for her candor.

"She actually answered the questions that were asked. I felt he really didn't answer any questions," said Conoyer.

Sam Plummer is a youth minister, and while leaning towards voting for Congressman Akin, said he was undecided .

"What I didn't like about McCaskill was her pro-embryonic stem cell stance," said Plummer.

Jessica Pierce is a Lindenwood University student on the debate team who had strong feelings about immigration reforms.

"I really didn't like one of the comments Claire McCaskill made when she said we should staple Green Cards on to student diplomas. Coming from a school where we have a lot of foreign students, I really disagree with that," said Pierce.

Patricia Bynes is a Democrat who was never going to vote for Rep. Akin. She didn't like his comments about his mother cooking Sunday dinners.

"It kind of came out that is what women are supposed to be doing," said Bynes.

University professor Gary Behrman came with an open mind.

"I believe no man or woman should be judged on one day of their life, and so I came with an open mind to hear Rep. Akin talk about his voting record," said Behrman.

Most of the undecided voters believe McCaskill won the night, but several people think Akin could earn their votes.

Most everyone in our conference room said the debate helped them decide how they'll vote.



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