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Mountain Dew spiked with whiskey, says Washington teen

3:37 PM, Oct 19, 2012   |    comments
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KING - A 13-Year-old in Shoreline, Washington took a swig of his Mountain Dew and quickly realized there was something else in the bottle: whiskey.

Marcus Olson immediately spit it out.

His parents say the bottle was sealed and looked as if it hadn't been tampered with.

"Except for the color it looks like a fully functional Mountain Dew," said Marie Grant, Marcus' mother.

"It tasted a little bitter. It didn't taste like Mountain Dew at all," Marcus said.

Grant said her son drank at least a shot.

She is furious and claims she's only getting the run around from both Pepsi and the store where she bought the soda.

The Family fears other bottles might end up in the wrong hands and go unnoticed.

"And you have a staggering 8-year-old down the road," said Grant.

The family plans to stop buying Mountain Dew.

"Especially for my 13-year-old," said Grant.


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