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Stolen decades-old ring returned to family before wedding

11:51 AM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
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WHDH - A stolen 90-year-old ring has been returned after it was stolen during a break-in.

The ring is back where it belongs just in time for a wedding.

"She had asked me and my fiancée if we would get married in it. And I told her I would love to," said Anastasia Flemings.

It was a dying wish from Anastasia Flemings' mother: take your great grandmother's ring as your wedding band.

Days before Anastasia Flemings got married someone broke into her Nashua, New Hampshire home and stole the heirloom.

"She passed shortly after she handed it down to me and Paul. So when they took it, it was like losing her all over again," said Flemings.

Flemings was heartbroken.

"It's probably about $500, $600 to buy -- something like that in store, something like that today, but my value for it -- it's priceless. It can't be replaced," said Flemings.

She tried to continue on with wedding plans -- wrapping favors, finishing up last minute details -- feeling lost without her mother and her ring.

"That wish meant the world to me. She's not here," Flemings said.

Then Monday night, she received a call from police.

They found her gold band at a local pawn shop; one side engraved with 1922 the other 2012.

It was the miracle Flemings had been asking for.

"And I got it. My mom came through. Even though she's gone, she's still with us," Flemings said.

Flemings now has the ring in safe keeping with an aunt who lives out of state.


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