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Roxanne Rubin accused of trying to vote twice

9:34 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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By Spencer Lubitz

Las Vegas (KTNV/CNN) - Vote early, vote often. A Nevada woman is accused of doing just that.

She's facing felony charges for allegedly trying to vote twice.

Surrounded on all sides by federal agents, Roxanne Rubin attracted quite a bit of attention as she was escorted out of the Riviera in handcuffs. The alleged crime, attempting to vote twice in the election.

"Attempting to vote twice for any reason is a felony," said Robert Walsh, Deputy Secretary of State for Southern Nevada.

The Secretary of State's office said they received a complaint that Rubin checked into a polling place in Silverado Ranch just a few hours after voting in Anthem.

"They ran her name on the computer; it showed that she had already voted. They said you've already voted. She said no I haven't that's a mistake. They said, no it's not a mistake," said Walsh.

He said despite Rubin's persistence, the poll workers did not allow her to cast another vote. They recorded her information and days later she was arrested at the Riviera where officers knew she was scheduled to be working.

[Reporter]: "If this happened once, do you have reason to believe this could be happening again elsewhere in the valley?"

"She's an individual actor, we have no reason to believe that she's a part of any larger effort or conspiracy," said Walsh.

He said although this type of crime is rare, it's good to know poll workers are taking measures to stop one person from casting multiple votes.

"It's something that people are concerned about and people need to know that we don't take this lightly," said Walsh.

Rubin is charged with one count of voting more than once in the same election. That's a category D felony.

That means that if she's convicted, she could be sentenced to up to four years behind bars.


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