Stacy Bailey, St. Louis County Collector of Revenue, behind on taxes

7:41 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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By Casey Nolen

CLAYTON, Mo. (KSDK) - She's responsible for collecting taxes in St. Louis County, but she hasn't paid her own for the past several years.

St. Louis County records show the newly hired Collector of Revenue is behind on her personal property taxes. Stacy Bailey owes the county more than $2,000 and her husband owes more than $2,500.

Her boss, County Director of Revenue Eugene Leung, says the Bailey's went through some personal issues during the recession that lead to bankruptcy. Leung says the back taxes are now part of their bankruptcy and will eventually be paid and Bailey will still have her job.

"I was puzzled and I did some research to look into the situation before passing judgment," said Leung.

"She was hired to perform a job function. She is qualified. She met all of the qualifications. She was interviewed by a panel of interview(ers) and even a panel of the staff that she will be supervising. All concluded that she is the most qualified candidate. That doesn't change," said Leung.

But not everyone is buying the explanation. County Councilman Steve Stenger says Bailey's hiring is "wrong."


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