Sheri Wakefield dragged across parking lot by purse-snatcher

8:14 PM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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By Will Ripley

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KUSA) - Police are searching for a man who stole a woman's purse and then dragged her girlfriend with his car.

It happened at a pawn shop near Colfax and Wadsworth in Lakewood on Wednesday afternoon.

Sheri Wakefield sent 9NEWS a newstip because she wants warn others and get the suspect off the streets.

He stole her purse while she was filling up at a gas station at Kipling and 26th in Wheat Ridge.

"[The purse] was down on the floor board of the truck," Wakefield said. "In seconds, the purse was gone."

By the time Wakefield noticed, the thief was gone too. She was able to see him, and his light blue Ford station wagon, on gas station surveillance video.

"Well, I was devastated," Wakefield said.

Wakefield had just cashed her $300 paycheck.

The purse also had credit and debit cards, even her son's birth certificate.

"I felt so violated, not only for me but for him as well," she said.

The thief used Wakefield's bank card to buy a $500 laptop from a pawn shop at Sheridan and Colfax. Driving west on Colfax, he tried hitting up two other pawn shops near Colfax and Wadsworth.

Wakefield knew the locations because her bank had a record of the transactions.

"We were coming east to go home and I saw his car parked," Wakefield said.

Wakefield recognized the car from the surveillance video in the pawn shop parking lot.

"We immediately wanted to stop the guy and call the police," Wakefield said.

Wakefield's girlfriend, Lynne Seyler, tried reaching inside the car to get the purse back.

"She saw her purse on the back seat. And the next thing I knew he threw it in gear," Seyler said.

The car began dragging Seyler across the parking lot.

"For the first time in my life I thought I was going to die. And I saw my daughter, my granddaughters," Seyer said as she fought back tears.

Seyler was shaken up, with cuts on her head and legs.

Lakewood police spokesman Steve Davis worries about what could have happened.

"I applaud her bravery. Luckily it turned out this way and not somebody getting very seriously injured," Davis said.

Davis says you should always keep your distance and call police.

"Especially if the suspect is desperate and armed," Davis said.

Davis says surveillance video from the gas station and the pawn shop helped them identify the purse thief.

Lakewood police not releasing the video at this time but say they are preparing an arrest warrant.

Wakefield says she learned a lesson.

"Don't try to apprehend them yourself," Wakefield said.

She hopes police catch the man who took her purse, and could have taken her girlfriend's life.

"Three hundred dollars cash and some credit cards. It's not worth somebody's life. He needs to be stopped," Seyler said.



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