Child rescued after climbing onto roof

2:38 PM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WGRZ) - A small child had to be rescued by firefighters after he climbed out onto a roof in Niagara Falls.

The incident happened just before 10 a.m. on 20th Street.

Firefighters say a four-year-old girl and a boy about 18 months old were left unattended, as their father was found passed out on a couch.

Officials believe the little girl opened a second-story window and the boy crawled out onto the roof.

A neighbor across the street, Antwan Moore, saw what happened and was able to get onto the roof to keep the child safe until the fire department arrived.

Moore was alerted to the roof by his girlfriend Amber Haley.

"I heard a little noise from across the street, it sounded like a squeal so I looked up and there was a child on the roof," she said.

Haley says she was especially terrified that the baby was slipping while on the roof.

"He was like walking around, and moving then, he slipped a couple times and I screamed a couple times, and then I started screaming for help," said Haley.

Moore is being thanked for saving the child's life by both Niagara Falls fire and police departments.

"I'd like to comment that he is the true hero in this situation he made our job very easy, he secured the child, kept him safe," said Captain Gary Carella of the Niagara Falls fire department.

"Seeing the baby I thought about my son being up there on that roof, did what I had to do," said Moore.

Moore grabbed the baby who was only wearing socks and a diaper, covered him with a sweatshirt to keep him warm and waited calmly. The rescue lasted about 10 minutes.

"Seemed longer than that, but it was like 10 minutes until first responders got there," said Moore.

Both the child and Moore are okay. The boy was taken to Women and Children's hospital to be checked out.

Child Protective Services has been called in to investigate.

The father of the children has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and has been released.

Moore says he's never done anything like that before.

He's being considered by both Niagara Falls fire and police for a community award for rescuing the toddler.


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