Neighbors in Memphis upset over display of topless statue

3:37 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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By Michele Reese

MEMPHIS (WREG/CNN) - A man in Memphis, Tenn. is giving his neighborhood something to talk about. He has put up a nude statue in his front yard, and it's posing a problem.

The yard art Victor Sanders put up last week at his home is anything but subtle.

"I like the way they look something different. I like the way they look," said Victor Sanders.

While some don't mind it, most neighbors here think the new look is obscene.

"The two that are dressed I have no problem with that," said neighbor Charles Davenport. "It's just the one that's out front with the personal parts hanging out you know that's just what caught my eye."

"It is definitely inappropriate," said Michael Ulua.

Parents like Ulua are upset because children are getting an eyeful on their way to school. Plus, the bus stop is right across the street.

"Their breasts are all out and you have an elementary school down the street and you have all these little kids walking by looking at it. It's kind of weird to have that in a neighborhood like this," said Ulua.

Ulua says it's not what he and his family want to wake up to, so he wants the statue covered up or moved.

"If he could take them down. That would be pretty good because it is kinda weird in front of my house to wake up and see all these naked statues," said Ulua.

The homeowner wasn't aware of his neighbors' concerns, but now that he is he told news channel 3 he he'll move his sexy statue.

"If it's that big of a problem I guess we'll do that," said Sanders.

The city says Sanders is not violating any ordinances.


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