Bats take over downtown Sacramento intersection

9:10 PM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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By Richard Sharp

SACRAMENTO (KCRA/CNN) - One street in Sacramento, Calif. may give you the creeps. It's recently become the home of hundreds of bats.

An expert says the bats are nothing to fear, and neighborhood residents say, it's not so bad.

Hungry for bugs, these bats, some of them pregnant, can eat almost their own body weight in insects every night.

"Like that, they can get really well into. We have a lot maternal colonies here in Sacramento," said Corky Quirk, founder of Northern California Bats.

Quirk explains why this crack is so attractive.

"I think the bats have found a really good spot," Quirk said. "They like the cement because it's warm and it reminds them of a cave."

The nest is on 10th Street, between J and K.

"We have some customers who have kids who want to go out and look at the bats," said restaurant worker Alan Honda.

Just ask the locals how to find it. And if you can't see the bats, you can probably hear them.

"It just sounds like high-pitched squeaking, almost like little kids' laughter," said Marki Campbell.

And if you can't hear them, well, you might be able to smell them.

But this bat nest recently suffered a blow. The weather was so hot last week, experts say it probably killed many of the bats.

People say several bat bodies were found on the ground.

"They get in these really crowded places and some of the weaker ones are going to end up getting shoved out," said Quirk.

The dead bats are all gone, but experts warn if you see any more, stay away from them because they can carry rabies.

Don't worry, they don't attack humans.

"They're not coming at us. If they swoop near us, it's because we have an insect nearby," said Quirk.


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