Insurance issues could cost Kinloch its fire truck

6:06 PM, Apr 18, 2011   |    comments
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Kinloch Fire Department.

By Ashley Yarchin

Kinloch, MO (KSDK) - After months of financial trouble, the Kinloch Fire Protection District is in hot water again. And now North County's only volunteer fire department could soon lose its most prized possession: its fire engine.

It is the first brand new truck Kinloch has been able to buy in almost 40 years, and Monday morning a St. Louis County judge gave department officials one week to deal with an insurance issue that may cost them big time.

"Everybody's worked too hard just to say, we're gonna give up, here you go. All these guys deserve an opportunity and a chance and that's what we're trying to do," said Kinloch Battalion Chief Mike Schroeder.

He explained that the Kinloch Fire Protection District's truck troubles began just a week ago when a bank attorney and a repossession agency showed up at their door. The allegation is that officials didn't pay the full amount owed for insurance on the vehicle.

They did pay off half because firefighters thought they were under a six-month policy but they were mistaken and still owe the second installment of $4,600. The problem is the district can't afford the other $2,300 payment at this time. The St. Louis County judge says either get insured by Monday or risk the chance of losing the truck.

"Just let us move on and build this back to the way it needs to be and leave it alone, but like I said, every time we get a foot ahead, somebody kicks us in the teeth," Schroeder said.

The next week will be spent shopping for an affordable insurance policy or searching for a truck from an outside department to borrow until this fire is put out.



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