Fight to save homes in Hamburg, Illinois

4:30 PM, Jun 17, 2011   |    comments
  • Hamburg, Illinois
  • Hamburg, Illinois
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By Jeff Small

Hamburg, IL (KSDK) - Water is covering one street in Hamburg, Illinois and another street is being threatened by floodwater.  Village officials say businesses are out of harm's way but that is not the case for more than a dozen homes.

Floodwater has gotten a little too close for comfort near the home where Terry Dilport's parents live.  Several volunteers have helped create a barrier around the home while everyone is forced to wait and watch.

"You just keep watching the river and listen to the old timers and what they have to say," said Terry Dilport.

Water Street has lived up to its name over the past several days while water has covered at least part of the street now partially blocked by road closed signs and barriers.

A temporary flood barrier is being built in the middle of Washington Street.

"We have crews from the Pittsfield Work Company and they have been working down the street but we did have several people come in the last few days to sandbag for private property," said Village Clerk Koni Proctor.

Village officials said at least for now they are staying ahead of the flooding as much as possible while they keep a close eye on flood predictions from the National Weather Service.



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