Meth bust in Franklin County

11:08 AM, Jul 10, 2011   |    comments
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Pacific, MO (KSDK)- Franklin County officials are looking for suspects after they discover a major meth lab in Pacific. The discovery came thanks to a tip. Police say this was not the first time the suspects have been in trouble with the law for the same thing in the same place.

"I am worried about the safety of my children," said Amber Wehrle who lives on East Franklin Street in Pacific.

Wehrle says she would never let her children go anywhere near 205 E. Franklin Street because she knew something suspicious was going on in her neighbor's home.

"I've just been sitting out here with the kids watching. There has been a lot of action going on down the street. Cars coming in and out all night long. All night long you could hear them so I knew so I knew some sort of drug dealing was going on," said Wehrle.

Sure enough Wehrle's hunch was correct. Because of a tip Pacific Police were called this home around 3 Friday afternoon.

"While there at the house we observed a strong odor. We believed it to be suspicious. We contacted the fire department to assist with us. Low and behold we located a major meth lab inside the residence," said Officer Cody Robertson with the Pacific Police Department.

Detectives with the Franklin County Narcotics Unit say suspects manufactured meth 14 times using bottles that they confiscated from the trash outside the home. They say the information based on their evidence suggests that the suspects have been making meth almost every other day for the past few months.

"We move in and look what happens, a drug bust," said Anna Young who moved to East Franklin Street recently.

"In my career this has been the largest amount of precursors and lab equipment that I have seen. They were just hauling the stuff out in truckloads," said Chief Matt Mansell with the Pacific Police Department.

Police say the bust was not the first in this house. In January, detectives conducted a search warrant where they took 2 people into custody for making meth. Detectives say this time, they saw the same suspects, and some others get away in a silver car.

 "They were raided in January how stupid can these people be," said Young.

"We know who they are. We have all the suspects identified. We have the vehicle make and model and we are going to catch them... Our department means businesses and we are tired of dealing with it," said Officer Robertson.

"I hope they are caught, they are brought to justice and they get this out of my neighborhood. I don't want it around my children," said Wehrle.

Law enforcement in the area of Pacific is working with different municipalities to pass ordinances to obtain a doctor's prescription to get pseudoephedrine, which is the main ingredient to make meth because now it's pretty easy to obtain.

Pacific Police will be meeting with Franklin County prosecuting attorney Bob Parks first thing Monday to follow up on the previous case and see what the next steps are.


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