St. Louis area businesses that rely on sales of winter merchandise are hopeful

7:55 PM, Jan 11, 2012   |    comments
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By Kathleen Berger

St. Louis (KSDK) - If back in January of 2011 or 2010 weather forecasters talked about unbearable cold and another snow, you may have thought, "Not again!" 

But the talk of cold weather and snow this year is getting some people excited. Some admittedly say they are suffering from snow deprivation, and there's only one remedy.

Signs that read, "Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it Snow!" blanket the storefront of The Alpine Shop in Kirkwood. It's more than a suggestive sales technique, it's a mindset sending one snowboarder far away.

"I'm going to Seattle, and try out the snow there," said 14-year-old Albert Reinwart.

Reinwart said he is suffering from snow deprivation.

"I live right by a golf course, Greenbriar, so I just go there; all hills. There are tons of kids and we just have fun, we just sled, snowboard, we make ramps, snowball fights," he said.

Winter is also disappointing for 15-year-old Ike Simmon. Winter is his favorite season. Even if it only snows one inch, he's gearing up to snowboard at Hidden Valley Ski Resort.

"It makes all the difference, yes. Because it's actually real snow and not fake," said Simmon.

Still, the warmer winter weather is making it hard to get in the mood. Children can play in the park without chapped lips or icy, rose-colored cheeks. Brian Doolittle spent time in the afternoon pushing his three-year-old daughter on the swing.

"We're just hoping for some snow, maybe build a snowman. We've been waiting for several weeks. Every day she asks me if it's going to snow, so tomorrow I can say yes for once," said Doolittle.

That excitement over the thought of snow is pushing sales at Home Depot in Brentwood, but because of this winterless winter, there's been no need to restock ice melt. In fact, there's a surplus because there has not been a demand. Many people need to feel the cold, before they buy into it.

"Usually by this time of year, we've already sold several truck loads of salt. Last year we had a big sale of salt and snow throwers and snow shovels. This year is a little different, so we're definitely waiting for that first snow so we can start seeing some sales," said Home Depot Manager Andy Close.


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