Clayton High School imposes 'no homework weekend'

5:44 PM, Feb 16, 2012   |    comments
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By Kasey Joyce

St. Louis (KSDK) - A weekend without any homework? It's a high school student's dream. And this weekend, that dream is coming true for all the students at Clayton High School.

Clayton High School is among the most rigorous schools in the state, and sometimes, students just get burnt out. That's why the school has decided to give them a break, with a four day no homework weekend.

The no homework weekend is part of a grassroots movement that started in the school. The idea started last year, after the parent teacher organization held a showing of the documentary, Race to Nowhere, which focuses on the pressure on students to achieve in a test-driven education system.

After the showing, a group of AP English language students put together a report on the impact of high school pressures on students and they presented it to the faculty. The teachers were so impressed, they decided to take action and create two no homework weekends for students.

"We value what they do in the classes, but sometimes it is okay for students to take a moment for themselves, to take a step back, and to take care of themselves," said principal Leslie Losos.

"Third quarter is the most stressful time of the year, it's in the winter, it's the longest, so it's kind of hard to get through it sometimes, so having this break is really, really nice," said senior Laura Bleeke.

After this weekend, school officials will take a look at how well this no homework weekend actually worked and they'll decide whether they want to continue it next year.



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