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Mitt Romney compares pancake size to his win in Puerto Rico

10:10 AM, Mar 19, 2012   |    comments
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Springfield, IL (CNN) -- The GOP candidates set their sights on Illinois.  

Fresh off his landslide win in Puerto Rico, Mitt Romney made a stop in Springfield this morning.

He met with voters over pancakes at a diner.

Romney touted his record of creating jobs, and blamed President

Obama for lengthening the recession.

He urged Republicans that he's the best choice.

"I need only one thing from you this morning - no, two. Number one I need some pancakes and number two, number two I need you to go vote tomorrow. I need you to get out - we used to say in Massachusetts vote early and vote often (laughter) That happens to be, that happens to be, that happens to be a Chicago line as well doesn't it? Yeah, yeah."

Romney called president Obama an "an economic lightweight," and without mentioning any names, put his Republican opponents that same category.


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