Spring gardening tips that could save you money

7:16 AM, Mar 28, 2012   |    comments
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(WCAU) -- With sun, warmth and flowers in bloom it's natural to want to start planting.

But there's a reason why you see mostly pansies at this garden store and no tomato plants because it is still too early for them and other vegetables.

Sally McCabe from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society says if you buy them now, you'll end up buying them again in about a month.

It's also too early for tomatoes, peppers and squash.

Also, don't automatically pass on garden centers because you think plants are more expensive, that could be a waste as well.

You're going save some money at the big box store, but the big box store is there to sell you the plants then sell them to you again and again.

Another waste is weed killer if you use it when the lawn is wet.

And right now, Bruce Albrecht, a nursery owner, says you could be wasting $20-30 dollars, no matter what the conditions, because it's too early.

"If you're gonna put weed killer down now, you're going to end up doing it again in mid to late May," said Albrecht.

And if you're a beginning gardener, stay far, far away from a roto tiller, until you know exactly what size you need and how they work.

Your best bet right now that's not a waste is to plant pansies.

But even with these hearty plants make sure to comparison shop.

You may be surprised at the differences.


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