Republicans say Obama distorting the facts

9:58 AM, Apr 4, 2012   |    comments
Mitt Romney
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WASHINGTON (AP) - Republicans say President Barack Obama is simply trying to cover up broken promises.

They're responding to Obama's charge today that Republicans are trying to force a "radical vision" on the nation -- and that they've moved away from any reasonable debate on health care, debt reduction and the environment.

Obama told newspaper executives today that Republicans have moved so far to the right that Ronald Reagan wouldn't be able to win a GOP primary today -- because he had included tax increases along with spending cuts to try to bring down deficits.

In response, House Speaker John Boehner said Obama is resorting to "distortions and partisan potshots" -- while standing behind policies that the speaker says "have made our country's debt crisis worse."

And a Mitt Romney spokeswoman says Obama's in no position to lecture about "responsible federal spending."

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