Lawmakers want to regulate radar cameras

9:31 PM, May 10, 2012   |    comments
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By Courtney Gousman

Uplands Park, MO (KSDK) - If you speed through the Village of Uplands Park, there's a good chance you could get a ticket and not even know it. Police there are using a new method to issue tickets, and it's creating some controversy.

The vehicle that's causing the controversy in Uplands Park is equipped with a radar detector and a camera, which takes a photo of the speeding driver and license plate.

Uplands Park police recently started using the SUV and city leaders say it's usually parked in front of city hall to catch those flying down Natural Bridge.

"We wanted to stop having to chase or pursue someone because we've had an experience where people are pursued," said Uplands Park Chairman, Henry Iwenofu.

An officer is supposed to man the SUV when tickets are being issued, and drivers generally don't know they've been caught until the ticket comes in the mail.

Residents and those who have gotten these tickets say the process takes advantage of drivers.

"A couple other people got tickets. They mailed it to them and they didn't think it was right but when they come to court, oh, you guilty so you gotta pay that fine," said Uplands Park resident Maurice Webbs.

"I actually got a ton of emails and calls related to this," said 71st District Representative Clem Smith.
Rep. Smith says he wants vehicles like these to be regulated.

Unlike speed cameras that are mounted to traffic lights, the camera is not regulated by MoDOT, and there's no warning.

Representative Smith says he plans to introduce a bill next session that would address this issue.

"With this new technology they found a loophole and it's the wild, wild west. I want the guns to be calibrated. I want there to be signage requirements," said Rep. Smith.

If you are caught speeding down Natural Bridge by this camera, a fine will cost you $100. City leaders say drivers are only cited if they're going 10 miles above the 30 mile per hour speed limit.


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