Police wound St. Ann during eviction notice standoff

5:59 PM, Jun 6, 2012   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

St. Ann, MO (KSDK) - Facing foreclosure, A St. Ann man is accused of opening fire on police and then being shot himself.

It happened in the 10,000 block of St. Anthony Lane Wednesday.

Despite the no trespassing signs posted on the windows of the small, white house, a deputy had the right to serve eviction papers. But according to authorities, the man came to the door with a gun and refused to leave. At one point, they say he shot through a window.

Before shots were fired, St. Ann Police Chief Bob Schrader, who says he's known the man for more than 30 years, knocked on the door himself.

He says he tried to reason with the man, who he believes was upset over the thought of losing the house he's lived in all of his life.

Fortunately, none of the officers was hit, but the 51-year-old homeowner was shot in the arm when police fired back.

Robin Hartley, who lives nearby said, "I have empathy for him because that was the home he grew up in and everybody is going through hard times now, but to shoot, you know, somebody just doing their job. He had plenty of notice, that's insane."

At one point, police shot tear gas into the house through a window to try to get the man to come out.

His name won't be released until he's charged. He's in the hospital now, but the chief says his wound is not serious.


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