Final documents from the CVC finally released

9:51 PM, Jun 8, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK) - The vision the Rams have for the Edward Jones Dome looks nothing like the current dome.

And it's this proposed transformation that's at the center of documents NewsChannel 5 had to sue to get.

It took a lawsuit by us and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to get the final documents from the Convention and Visitors Commission.

Response from the Rams 1/27/2012 
Rams response to the CVC 2/28/2012 
CVC response to the Rams 5/31/2012 
Term sheet for CVC's alternative proposal

The CVC and the Rams are locked in a fight over how to make the Dome a first tier stadium.

A week ago the CVC rejected the Rams estimated $700 million plan.

In a strongly worded letter turned over today, we learned exactly why.

The CVC tells the Rams that their proposal, "guts and demolishes most of the current facility, eliminates significant improvements made with public money, and proposes virtually a new facility."

The letter urges the Rams to reconsider the CVC's $170 million renovation plan.

If the two sides can't make a deal, the dispute goes to arbitration on June 15th.


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