Fire rips through Hazelwood recycling plant

7:33 PM, Jun 10, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Plant Fire

Video: Plant Fire

Video: Plant Fire

Hazelwood (KSDK) -- Hazelwood firefighters spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening on the scene of an industrial fire at Republic Services Waste Management, a commercial recycling facility on Byassee Road.

Dave Radel is Hazelwood Fire Chief.

"We had fire in the outside trash piles," said Radel. "It was extending to the north side of the building. And we had some exposures to some trucks that had fuel tanks on them. We had some exposure to some oil drums. When we arrived on the scene they had some direct flame contact and were swelling. So immediately in addition to putting out the common combustibles we had to get some water on those."

Radel said that recent expansion may have played a role in the fire.

"Only in that they had a lot of product outside of the building, outside of the sprinkler area," he said. "So that's something we're going to be talking about with management."

Radel said accessibility was made more difficult because of the piles of debris all around the building.

"Most of the fire is deep-seated in the piles of trash," said Radel. "We've got a front-loader that we brought in from out public works department. And he's helping us move it around now."

Republic Services is located right next to an Amerigas propane distributor. District manager Tim Moloney was monitoring the situation.

Moloney said, "I just double-checked valves to make sure everything is closed. Because the tanks are very safe. But I want to make sure the valves are closed, there's not leaking or anything like that that could cause any problems."

Chief Radel said Hazelwood received assistance from neighboring departments, including Florissant, Pattonville, Robertson, Ferguson, and Berkeley.













































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