Mary Busch accused of using expired IDs to buy pseudoephedrine

9:50 PM, Jun 19, 2012   |    comments
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Mary Busch

By Elizabeth Matthews

St. Louis County, MO (KSDK) - A license bureau employee is charged with 14 counts of forgery after stealing IDs and using them to buy pseudoephedrine, a basic ingredient in methamphetamine.

According to St. Louis County police it started last November. May Ann Busch hit 12 different Walgreens stores all over metro St. Louis and was using driver's licenses she got from work. Busch stole eight IDs from women wanting to get rid of their old licenses.

It's a familiar scene, a long line wrapping like a snake inside and trailing out the door, this is the license bureau in Maplewood.

You can get your car title here or renew your driver's license, but what happens to your license when you leave?

"They are supposed to take it, but, I think I will ask for mine back now," said concerned citizen Sharon Cox, who is now leery of leaving her license at the office, after hearing about Busch.

Starting last November, police say Busch hit 12 different Walgreens pharmacies, two of them twice, and used the eight stolen licenses to get pseudoephedrine.

"Oh marvelous, why would somebody do something like that?" asked Cox. "You never know what people are going to do these days, just crazy anymore."

The Department of Revenue's Ted Farnen did not want to talk to NewsChannel 5 about Busch's case because he explains they do not run each individual office.

Farnen did say the old licenses are taken by fee office personnel then shipped to the Department of Revenue and destroyed.

Busch faces 14 counts of forgery and has admitted her scheme to police. St. Louis County police say after about two months of illegally buying pseudoephedrine, Busch was caught at a Richmond Heights Walgreens by a store clerk.

"Throw the book at her, absolutely throw the book at her and the full extent of the law," said citizen Jeff Harrison.

When NewsChannel 5 spoke to the Department of Revenue they said that each individual location is run by different people or organizations. Everyone that works in these fee offices go through background checks and the Department of Revenue has an investigative team for situations like this.


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