NewsChannel 5 Photojournalist Randy Schwentker captures courthouse fist fight on camera

10:25 PM, Jul 25, 2012   |    comments
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Jackson, MO (KSDK) - The son of a suspect in a high profile murder case was arrested outside of his father's preliminary hearing Wednesday.

J.C. Waller, Clay Waller's son, got into a fist fight outside the courthouse during a 10 minute break in proceedings.

Witnesses said a man, who police identified as Waller's son, went up to the last person to testify before the break. The person who testified, identified as Matt Marshall, punched J.C. Waller and a fight broke out.

After some time, a group of women broke up the fight and police moved in.

NewsChannel 5 Photojournalist Randy Schwentker recorded the fist fight on camera outside the Cape Girardeau County Courthouse in Jackson, Missouri.

Schwentker was with NewsChannel 5 reporter Grant Bissell in a grassy area outside the courthouse when they heard someone punch a metal pole.

That's when Schwentker started rolling his camera and captured the fist fight on video.

Inside the court room, the prosecution called 17 other witnesses to the stand Wednesday.

One of them, a woman who was Waller's girlfriend from 2006 to 2010, testified that she worked undercover with police and investigators after Jackie went missing.

"They had a device in my vehicle, audio and video, and it recorded everything that was said," said Casaundra Stringer, Waller's former girlfriend.

She says Waller instructed her to give false statements and thought "at the time that I was on his side, that I was helping him, going to help him win this case and we were going to have this life together."

Clay Waller learned in court for the first time today that Stringer was not his girlfriend anymore or his alibi.

Also revealed in court Wednesday, test results that show blood stains found in a house where Waller lived were a match with Jackie's DNA.

Both men involved in Wednesday's fist fight were arrested after police asked to look at our photographer's video.


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