Franklin County drug task force being filmed for show

11:11 PM, Jul 29, 2012   |    comments
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Franklin County, MO (KSDK)--It's been the scourge of the state for many years, Missouri and meth and now it's about to get even more attention. Film crews will begin following around the Franklin County Drug Task Force this week for a new reality TV show called "Methbusters."

Talking to Franklin County locals, it all sounded pretty much the same. Most residents we spoke to say it will just be more awareness and maybe the spotlight will help shed some more light on the issue.

In 2005 "Meth: A County in Crisis" aired on the A&E Channel putting Franklin County on the national stage.

Now again a film crew is arriving to follow around Detective Sergeant Jason Grellner and his task force. The crew will follow the force and tape drug busts and raids for three weeks.

Franklin County resident Michael Noe admits at one time he was the one they were looking for.

"I myself have indulged for quite awhile, I've been clean for 5 years now," says Noe.

He explains he was living somewhere else when he was using meth and came to Franklin County to get away from his habits, quitting here was no easy task.

When we asked if the attention will hurt the county's reputation the general response was a personal one.

"I'm not involved in it, I shouldn't be worried about it one way or another," says local Shelia Koehn.

"It never really has affected me and none of my friends," says Dustin Toelke, also a local.

Some just want justice, even if it takes a film crew to get it done.

"People that are doing it they should be ashamed and they should be exposed because they involve children and everything else," says Koehn.

No word yet on what channel will air the show and when.


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