Friday's closure affects artists' bottom lines

9:24 PM, Sep 8, 2012   |    comments
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Clayton, MO (KSDK)- Severe weather forced organizers to cancel the St. Louis Art Fair on Friday night. That meant lost revenue for the artists who travel from across the country.

On Saturday it was business as usual at the fair, but on Friday rain and wind pounded away.

When the sky turned black Saturday afternoon, fear set in for Susan Anderson, a potter from Wisconsin.

"I was really in a mad panic and I was just rushing, putting things away as fast as I can because this show represents our fall income," said Anderson.

She didn't have much time and the wind damaged some of her pots. Anderson says she lost about twelve pieces worth nearly three thousand dollars. But, she says she could have lost even more if it wasn't for some people who work at the bank across the street. They helped her save some of her work.

Anderson was one of five artists whose work was destroyed in yesterday's storm. More artists, like Daryl Thetford, could have been in the same boat if it was not for the quick action of a few people who were in the right place at the right time.

"The tent would have been gone had it not been for the fireman who happened to be close by to help out with security." He says because of them his tent didn't blow over but, still some of his artwork was damaged.

He says he is confident Saturday's gains will make up for Friday's losses.

"Nonetheless I am very optimistic it will be a great show," said Thetford.

The fair continues Sunday from 11 to 5.


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