New Texas Health Alliance hospital includes smart TVs, apps

8:00 AM, Oct 5, 2012   |    comments
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(KXAS) -- A new state-of-the-art hospital in Fort Worth, Texas is using technology to make health care more convenient for patients.

Texas Health Alliance is using everything from smart televisions and location software to smartphone apps to make your experience an easier one.

All the upgrades are in the patient's room.

One of them is a location-based map that can be used to track equipment, nurses and the patient.

It's installed on the same computer inside every hospital room that has the patient's paperless medical records.

"So if you arrive and your patient is not in their bed, we can tell you where they are. Are they in surgery? Are they in therapy? Where are they on site?," said Kathleen Cox, Project Consultant for Texas Health Alliance.

Then there's a bedside television that swivels on an arm that is best described a smart television.

"We are the first hospital in the country to have this device and on it we have our Lodgenet Interactive Health Care device. The patient from here can access their medical health records; know what procedures they are having today," Cox explained.

They can also call a nurse, and of course, watch television.

The digital room sign at the door is unique to Texas Health Alliance, because after the hospital couldn't find one they invented their own.

When you’re wheeled in it lists not only your name and doctor, but also important characteristics nurses need to know before entering like infections or if you’re a 'fall risk.'

"All of that will be currently documented on the sign instead of via a sticker or paper sign on the outside the door. It will be clear for the staff any special treatment the patient needs before they enter the room," said Cox.

Texas Health Alliance also has an Android and iPhone app that helps you navigate the hospital and its grounds.


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