Parents of Kyra Root struggling to stay afloat

7:38 PM, Oct 10, 2012   |    comments
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Kyra Root
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  • By Talia Kaplan

    Fenton, MO (KSDK) - We have a follow up to a story about a brave young girl fighting cancer.

    You first met 8-year-old Kyra Root back in May, but now doctors say her situation is getting worse.

    For the House Springs family, the challenges keep coming, but the community is rallying around them in their time of need.

    For more than one year 8-year-old Kyra has been in and out of the hospital, and doctors say there isn't much more they can do.

    Her family says a list and the community's support is giving Kyra more life experiences than someone ten times her age.

    Kyra has lived in a room at St. Louis Children's Hospital for the past three weeks.

    "I want to get better just make it all disappear," said Kyra.

    She was diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer called osteosarcoma 18 months ago. She has undergone a major surgery and endured four rounds of chemotherapy.

    "Unfortunately our cancer continues to grow despite all of our treatments," said Dr. Huang, Kyra's Oncologist at St. Louis Children's Hospital. "So now we have shifted gears from trying to cure her cancer to trying to provide her with the best quality and quantity of life."

    "Fear. There is a lot of fear I don't want to lose my child," said Kyra's mother, Karon.

    Karon says she was told her daughter has just months to live.

    "You do a lot of denial, praying," said Karon.

    The challenges keep coming. When NewsChannel 5 last met this aspiring artist and doctor, the Roots were living with a family in Fenton after Kyra's father was laid off. He finally landed a job, so they moved into their own home in House Springs.

    "A week ago he was laid off again, so needless to say we're stressed and a little scared," said Karon. "Come November if we don't have our rent, yeah, it's possible we could be evicted."

    She says she tries to focus on the positive.

    "I'm glad we are getting her to a place where she can go home and see friends and family and do some things she has been meaning to do," said Dr. Huang.

    And boy does she have big plans. There are 95 things on her bucket list.

    [Reporter]: "What are some of the things on your list?"

    "Cure cancer, swim in Jell-o, skydive," said Kyra.

    "The bucket list has made me try to cram as much living as I can into whatever time we have left," said Karon.

    With the community's help, Kyra already got to cross off a handful of the items.

    [Reporter]: "What was your favorite so far?"

    "Disney World. I got to go on Tower of Terror and it was awesome," said Kyra.

    And now Kyra has a message for all those who are helping her achieve her goals.

    "Thank you. I'd like to give a hug and kiss to all of you," she said. "Thank you all of you for helping me, and helping me feel better."

    "I'm praying for a miracle. I need it. I want the miracle. I want to keep her. I want her to grow up. Some of the things on her bucket list is grow up, grow old, and I want to see her do those things," said Karon.

    If Kyra feels up to it she will be going to the Ringling Brothers Circus Thursday to check another item off of her bucket list.

    If you would like to help Kyra and her family you can donate to the Kyra Root Fund at any U.S. Bank.

    You can also visit Kyra's Facebook page to find out how you can help her complete everything on her bucket list.

    She also has a website, Help Kyra, which allows donations.



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