Paul Rinck says he was unjustly let go

9:40 PM, Jan 23, 2013   |    comments
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By Talia Kaplan

NEW MELLE, Mo. (KSDK)- Controversy is brewing in St. Charles County.

A New Melle reserve officer says he believes he was let go because he ticketed the boyfriend of an alderman's daughter.

Officer Paul Rinck says his problems started in August when he ticketed Alderman Doug Bice's daughter's boyfriend for speeding.

The New Melle police chief says he asked the prosecutor to throw out the ticket without an official request from Alderman Bice, but knew he was frustrated with the ticket.

Months later, the Board of Alderman voted to reduce the police department to keep a balanced budget.

Officer Rink was going to be laid off and decided to stay on as a reserve officer. That means he was working for free to keep his title until he found a new job. But, in early January, Officer Rinck was asked to go home while he was filling in for another officer and hasn't been called back since while other reserve officers continue to patrol.

"If it's about budget I can accept that. I understand the economy the way things are going. However, if you don't want me to work there for free tells me that is has something to do with the citation not just the economy," said Officer Rinck.

The chief claims Alderman Bice told him to send Officer Rinck home the day he was filling in. He says he got a call from him that day.

"He said that he was very upset that that officer was working that day and I will quote one thing that stuck in my head and that is what is that (expletive) doing working in our city," said Chief Aaron Burkemper.

The chief also says all the citizens of New Melle always praised Officer Rinck and only after he issued the ticket to the boyfriend of Alderman Bice's daughter he started hearing complaints against the officer, mostly from Alderman Bice.

NewsChannel5 reached out to Alderman Bice and he says his issue was that Officer Rinck was working as a reserve officer and he wasn't mad about the ticket.

Chief Burkemper says he needs approval from the board of alderman before he can bring Officer Rinck back.



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