Top 4 Super Bowl TV Deals (46" to 70")

8:10 AM, Jan 31, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS -- Yesterday on Ways to Save, it was all about TVs 22 inches to 43 inches.

Today, we crank up the savings and the screen size.

I've been hunting deals around the clocking, checking local store stock and combing every cheap avenue out there. It's clear you want quality and you want size. A huge thank you to Deal Angels Julia, Rachel and Ada who have helped me narrow down a list of hundreds of deals.

Beginning next month, TV prices go up and deals are scarce. Also, as stores deplete their older LCD stock with the new LED models, we'll see fewer deals.

This also marks the end of the 2012 stock because the 2013 models start to make their way to our stores soon. You won't hear me mentioning too many TV deals between now and October!

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I recieve absolutely no financial compensation for flagging any company or deal. The point of this segment is to save you money on your requests, that's it.

46 Inches

31% off RCA 46" LCD HDTV + free store pickup
Was: $549.99
Now: $378.00
**Very well-rated. My top pick as the deal with the most bang for your buck.


51 Inches

$120 off Samsung 51" slim plasma HDTV + free store pickup
Was: $649.99
Now: $529.99


60 Inches

$500 off Sharp Aquos 60" LED HDTV + free shipping
Was: $1399.99
Now: $899.99


70 Inches

$600 off Sharp Aquos 70" LED HDTV + free store pickup
Was: $2,199.99
Now: $1,599.99

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