Delivery drivers feeling the rise in gas prices more than others

11:36 PM, Feb 24, 2013   |    comments
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St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - Some of us more than others are feeling the pinch at the pump, but all of us have seen the increase in gas prices over the past several weeks.

The price of regular unleaded has jumped 20 cents over the past two weeks and up nearly 54 cents over the past nine weeks. The national average is $3.80 a gallon. In St. Louis it's $3.62 a gallon.

The reasons behind the increase, oil prices are up and many refineries are already switching over to summer blends.

All of this is of little comfort to those who drive for a living.

Some drivers track the price of gas everyday and their paycheck is greatly impacted every time we see the price go up a few cents.

"A lot of people are a lot more generous, you know, sometimes," says Imo's driver Jim Garber.

He says some of his customers are understanding and realize that an extra few bucks go a long way.

"I am a waitress so I understand working for tips is, so I like to tip as much as I possibly can," says customer Tess Amos.

Garber says this is not always the case and with pre summer sky-rocketing gas prices, he is a little worried he's about about to feel the pinch even more.

"It hurts me because I got to pay twice as much for gas as I have previously," says Garber.

Just 6 months ago Garber says he paid only about $90 a week in gas and now more than $130 a week.

As part of their paycheck they do get the delivery charge.

"Two dollars it's stayed firm at two dollars," says Imo's manager Joni Kelly.

She says it might be a good idea to raise the charge, just a little.

"I would hope so I mean personally I pay four dollars premium for my car and yeah I would hope, for my drivers definitely," says Kelly.

Garber says it's a busy time of year, which he is thankful for, but even the season comes with it's hardships.

"Wear and tear on the vehicles and all of that too, a snowplow cracked my windshield the other night," he says.

Garber says he will keep doing it until gas becomes $5-6 a gallon, then he will think twice about changing jobs.

He says he doesn't have a lot of tricks up his sleeve for paying for gas, but he shares that some gas stations will give you a discount if you pay with cash.


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