5 on Your Side: Neighbor story getting national attention

7:01 PM, Mar 8, 2013   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

ST. PETERS, Mo. (KSDK) - When no one else would listen, 5 on Your Side came to the aid of a St. Peters woman who says her neighbor is making her life a nightmare.

Since our report first aired in February, a lot has changed, including felony charges and national attention.

Cathy Hesterberg is on her way to becoming a national poster child for victims of so-called "nasty neighbors."

"Well, 20/20 has decided to do a segment," Hesterberg said Thursday as lights, cameras and other equipment crowded her living room.

The network news magazine show contacted Cathy after 5 on Your Side documented her struggles with her next-door neighbor Greg Jennings.

Highlights of his hijinks include constant fires burning in the backyard, deer carcasses in the trash can, and nooses strung out.

"I take it as a threat," said Hesterberg of the nooses. "Like I'm going to hang myself. You know, he's gonna hurt me."

But perhaps most bizarre are shots of what looks like Jennings strolling in his skivvies and walking around with a box on his head. All of it is caught on security cameras Cathy put up to document his behavior.

After my Mike Rush's first visit, which didn't go well with Jennings:

Jennings: "You're being a punk right now. You're being a punk."

Rush: "How's that?"

Jennings: " You're being a punk. You know, you're being a little [expletive], you know it."

Cathy says Jennings called a truce and things have been calm.

"Maybe he saw what he looked like, you know, that he's pretty amped up," she said.

Cathy now believes there's an explanation for that amped behavior found in felony drug charges 5 on Your Side obtained.

The paperwork states Jennings appeared paranoid and admitted to police to using meth and buying pseudoephedrine for the purpose of making the drug. The report also indicates police found methamphetamine in the house along with numerous high powered rifles. Both he and his girlfriend, Darla Smithson are charged.

"If he's guilty of it, he doesn't need to be in the neighborhood," said Hesterberg.

While the felony drug charges will play out in the legal system, Cathy's neighbor nightmares we first exposed will play out again on 20/20 Friday night.

"The laws are so strict on protecting the bullies and not the victims, you know, there's an interest finally there and I'm willing to do my part," she said.

Cathy says her trouble with Jennings began after he blamed her for tipping off the police, which he thought led to the raid on his house that resulted in the drug charges. She says that's not true.

The probable cause statement indicates Jennings and his girlfriend bought 105 boxes of pseudoephedrine in a five month period.


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