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Mark Mullan accused of drunk driving, held on $2.5 million bail

5:23 PM, Mar 27, 2013   |    comments
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By Allen Schauffler

SEATTLE, Wash. (KING/CNN) - A judge in Washington state says the man accused of killing two pedestrians and injuring two others while driving drunk should not be allowed on the streets.

He set the man's bail at $2.5 million because he has a history of DUI.

"He was so inebriated. That guy was so far gone," said motel manager Mike Kelly.

On Christmas Day Mark Mullan was charged with vehicular homicide after allegedly ramming the Seal's Motel with his truck around 12 p.m.

"He nearly wiped that wall out. He hit that with some real force. You don't move an inch and a half of set in brick and framing just by bumping it. You hit it hard," said Kelly.

The police report from the day shows Mullan's blood alcohol level at .32, four times the legal limit. He had apparently spent Christmas Eve alone with his booze.

"A half gallon of some kind of vodka that was gone, sitting on his dresser," said Kelly.

And there's more.

Mullan was scheduled to go on trial next month for a dui arrest in Snohomish County. In that case, the court had ordered that an ignition interlock device be installed in his car.

At one of his semi-regular drinking hangouts in Lake City, the staff describes him as a really nice guy. His friends and relatives say the same thing, nice guy, mired deep in alcoholism and drugs.

His sentence for the Christmas Day incident was dropped from 364 days originally, to 13 days. The original fine of $5,000 was cut to $595.

"This guy was just in a hit and run. Drunk driving sitting in our parking lot a couple months ago, what's he doing on the street?" said Kelly.

Mullan chose not to appear in court where the judge made certain he will stay behind bars for now.

"That being the case now, with two people dead and two critical, the court is setting bail at $2.5 million," said Judge Mark Chow.


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