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Family says Officer Ricky Perry was drunk on the job

9:48 PM, Mar 27, 2013   |    comments
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By Elizabeth Matthews

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (KSDK) - An East St. Louis police officer is accused of being drunk on the job.

After a burglary and fire at their home Sunday morning, a family called police and say Officer Ricky Perry came to their home smelling of alcohol.

Officer Perry has been reported on before.

NewsChannel 5 reported on an incident back in 2007 at an intersection in Belleville. Officer Ricky Perry was found passed out behind the wheel of his unmarked police cruiser.

Late Sunday night Don Brown says someone broke into his step-daughter's East St. Louis home and then set it on fire.

Firefighters arrived and were able to get the fire under control, but Brown says it took police about three hours to show up.

"He smelled of alcohol and he was very belligerent, cussing my stepdaughter and boyfriend out," said Brown.

Sources and those on scene tell us the officer in question is Officer Ricky Perry. Brown says Perry was there for about 40 minutes and nothing came of it.

"Very upset, very upset, it was ridiculous they way he came out," said Brown.

The state's attorney's office tells us they would refuse to use Officer Perry in any case because of serious credibility issues. Also Officer Perry has had disciplinary problems related to alcohol in the past.

Brown thinks Officer Perry should not get away with showing up three hours late to a call, reeking of alcohol and screaming at residents.

"If I, and thank God I'm not, if I were the chief no, he wouldn't have a job," said Brown.

We asked Chief Mike Floore about the incident and he did not want to comment.

We went to the city council meeting to talk to the mayor about the issue. He confirmed that yes, there is an internal investigation going on, but told us to go talk to the city manager. The city manager said the paperwork for any kind of officer "leave," paid or unpaid hasn't come across her desk yet.

Still, Brown thinks Chief Floore will discipline the officer.

"He said they would go over everything and they would do what they had to do and I do believe he will do it," says Brown.


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