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Richie Baumgardner, Birdie Evans find out they're brother and sister

7:36 PM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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By Jon Bowman

AURORA, Colo. (KDVR/CNN) - They spent decades searching for one another, But it wasn't until a Colorado man turned to Facebook to help find his long-lost sister that things really started to fall into place.

And the most unbelievable part is that they were right under each others' noses.

"I type in Robert Evans, look at his daughter and it was somebody I worked with," said Richie Baumgardner.

"And he's like, 'Yeah you're my sister' and I'm like 'What? No way,'" said Birdie Evans.

A story made for television which played out with social networking.

"I remember when she was born. I remember seeing her. We both have the same mom," said Richie.

"I didn't have any memories, obviously because I was one, but my dad always gave me pictures, he always let me know I had a brother but he didn't really know too much about him," said Birdie.

Backing up a bit, Richie is the oldest, Birdie five years younger. They share the same mother.

Mom was arrested at a local hotel and wound up going to jail.

"She had told the police that we were in the hotel and they came and found us and they took us into custody," said Richie.

Because Birdie's dad, Bob Evans, was found, she went home with him where she grew up.

Richie, meanwhile, was adopted and changed his last name to Baumgardner, a name unknown to birdie and her dad.

"His real last name, his birth name was Johnson. His first name was Richard. Imagine how many Richard Johnsons pop up in Google?" said Birdie.

Both siblings kind of knew about each other, but had very little to go on.

"I was basically an only child. I knew I had another sibling, and not knowing my mom I knew I had to at least try to find my brother," said Birdie.

"I looked on Facebook and I just Facebooked her name and I didn't get anything," said Richie.

One of the most bizarre things about this story is that Birdie and Richie both worked at Joe's Crab Shack together, but didn't know each other as brother and sister.

Birdie then built her dad a Facebook page. Richie saw the page.

"I found his picture and I say okay, that's definitely him. I look at his daughter and it was somebody I worked with," said Richie.

"We were here together working and knew each other for about a year and knew who each other was. We just didn't know we were brother and sister," said Birdie.

Both even went to George Washington High School a year apart, but never knew they shared a birth mom.

Both now believe in the magic of faith and Facebook.


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