The "How To" on scoring 9 runs in one inning

4:36 PM, Apr 7, 2013   |    comments
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(The Chirp) -- On this perfect Spring day in St. Louis, if you are not sitting in front of the TV watching the Cardinals, you just missed one of those innings that makes watching baseball, or more specifically, Cardinals baseball,  so much fun.

The Cardinals entered into their half of the fourth inning down 2-0 and were facing Matt Cain, who was pitching a perfect game through three innings. 

Here is what happened next.

Cardinals lead off hitter Jon Jay singled to center, but advanced to second on a fielding error by Angel Pagan. 

Second baseman Matt Carpenter singled to right, moving Jay to third.

Batting third today, Allen Craig hit a sacrifice fly to right field.  Jon Jay tagged at third and scored.  Carpenter does not advance.  Cards now trail 2-1, and one out in the inning.

Clean up hitter, Carlos Beltran, walked.  Carpenter now on second with catcher Yadier Molina coming to the plate.  Molina stroked a single to left, but the strong throwing arm of Giants left fielder Andres Torres, forces Carpenter to advance and hold at third.   Carpenter at third, Beltran on second and Molina on first.  One out in the inning.

Batting sixth in the line up and sixth in the inning, first baseman Matt Adams is at the plate.  Adams powers a shot deep to center, deep enough to get over Angel Pagan's head, bouncing once and high enough to enter the stands for a ground-rule double.  Both Carpenter and Beltran score, Molina advances to third.  Cards now lead 3 -2. 

Now batting for the Cards, third baseman Ty Wigginton.  Wigginton single to left, his first hit as a Cardinal.  Molina scores from third, Adams advances to third.  Cards now lead 4-2.

Shortstop Pete Kozma is the eight batter of the inning.  He bloops a single to right, which gets down.  Matt Adams scores from third, while Wigginton moves to second.  Cards lead 5-2.

Adam Wainwright attempts to sacrifice, but bunts a pop up to the catcher for the second out.  Runners do not advance.

The Cards bat through the line up.  Jon Jay back at the plate and works the count for a walk off Matt Cain, loading the bases with Wigginton on third and Kozma now at second.  Matt Carpenter, who entered the game a perfect 4 for 4 against Cain was looking for his second hit of the inning.  Carpenter knocked another base hit to rightfield.  Wigginton scored from third base as did Kozma from second.  Cards now lead 7-2.

With two outs in the fourth, Matt Cain was finished for the day.  He was releived by Jose Mijares, who promptly hit Craig with a pitch, advancing Jon Jay to third and Matt Carpenter to second.  

Carlos Beltran continued the hit parade with another hit to left.  Jay and Carpenter score the 8th and 9th runs of the inning.  Craig advances to second. 

Yadier Molina strikes out, ending the inning.  Cardinals score 9 runs on 8 hits to take a commanding lead of 9-2.

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