Tampa woman accidentally swallows $5,000 diamond

5:12 PM, Apr 25, 2013   |    comments
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By Jacqueline Ingles

TAMPA, Fla. (WFTS/CNN) - A Florida woman has a gem of a tale to tell.

She was at a charity event and accidentally swallowed a diamond worth $5,000, and getting it back wasn't easy.

They say diamonds are forever, and this one carat diamond is giving an 80-year-old Tampa woman a forever story she just isn't ready to put her face to.

The story begins with a flute of bubbly.

"I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention," said Miriam, who didn't want her last name used.

At the fundraiser Miriam was attending, a local jeweler placed a fake diamond in every champagne flute.

But at the bottom of one flute there was a real diamond worth $5,000. A diamond the lucky glass holder would get to take home.

"With the first sip I had taken, I swallowed it," said Miriam.

Embarrassed, Miriam kept mum.

"I just felt certain, well, they'd find the winner and I won't have to tell anybody," she said.

Then came gem testing time.

"There were four hundred glasses of champagne we had to test, so we finally get to the end and no diamond showed up," said jeweler Andrew Meyer.

"I thought, oh gosh, now I have to tell them," said Miriam.

So she did.

Miriam had a date with her doctor the next day for what was to be a routine colonoscopy, just with some specific instructions for the doctor.

"Be on the lookout for it in case," said Miriam.

Sure enough, her doctor found the elusive diamond.

"We still had to determine if indeed that was the winning diamond," said Miriam.

"She comes back and had the diamond in a medical bag," said Meyer.

"A biohazardous bag, and the diamond is not even cleaned," said jeweler Joy Pierson.

Miriam waited while the jeweler washed, steamed and then tested the diamond.
It was the real deal.



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