City Clerk Dallas Cook gets death threat first week on the job

10:44 PM, May 6, 2013   |    comments
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By Casey Nolen

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (KSDK) - On Monday, first-time office holder Belleville City Clerk Dallas Cook received his first voice mail from the public.

"Please kill him before he kills us," the caller says, clearly referring to Cook.

But the message, it seems, was meant for the mayor.

"Yo! Mayor Eckert," the message starts with the caller yelling.

A misdial on the automated system, Cook assumes, landed the messages in his office.

"They were clearly intoxicated," Cook said of the caller.

The message rolls on as vulgar rant directed Cook.

Cook recently upset a long time incumbent for the position he's held for less than a week. And he says some in Belleville are not happy about his victory.

"There's no doubt about that. There's a lot of people unhappy about me winning," he said.

Now Cook and the Belleville police are left to decipher part of the message deserves undivided attention.

"In light of everything that has been going on as far as elected officials getting threats and the whole political climate thing it does make me happy that they're taking it serious," said 27-year-old Cook. "But, also keeping in mind that more than likely this was somebody who had a little too much to drink and just made a severe lapse in judgment."

Cook says he believe he has tracked the number the call came in on to a cell phone, which leads to a Facebook page of a person he doesn't know.

Police have a copy, and their investigation continues.


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