Students use Adderall to make grades

7:46 AM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Many high school and college students are in the midst of final exams. To deal with the pressure and stress to do well, a growing number are turning to Adderall.

According to Doctor Sonny Saggar of Downtown Urgent Care in St. Louis, Adderall is a combination of an amphetamine drug used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

More Information: Adderall uses and dangers 

Adderall requires a prescription, but many students are buying the pills without one. They simply purchase the Adderall from a friend who has a prescription.

Students we spoke with for this report say they take the drug illegally because it helps them study. We received several emails from college students admitting to using the drug.

First Email:

"(I) have used Adderall for finals week twice now in college. A majority of my friends do the same thing. Professors cram major points into final exams and the stress is insane. So instead of sleeping, we take Adderall. I have a near perfect GPA and am an Honors student at my University. I rarely drink and don't do any drugs. I just think of Adderall as a helper. Some people use caffeine and that's enough for them, but the extra kick in the medicine helps."

Second Email:

"I never took it in high school, but prescription drugs not prescribed to me got me through my first two years at SLU. I would say around half of students use it as a study aid. There's a whole business for it. And definitely a demand. Sorry that's all I'm willing to say! I now have my own prescription so I don't use other people's anymore."

A recent study conducted by The Partnership at and MetLife Foundation, found one in eight high school students admitted to using prescription stimulants Ritalin or Adderall at least once in their lifetime.

The college students we communicated with indicated it is very common for students to take Adderall illegally.

"I have used it multiple times myself for staying up late for exams, and it really does help with focus. Everyone I know has used it for studying at times..." one University of Missouri student emailed KSDK.

A sergeant with St. Louis County's Bureau of Drug Enforcement, says it is a felony for anyone to sell a prescription drug or be in possession of a drug without a prescription.
While, the unit is aware of the illegal activity taking place amongst college and high school students, it's not something police agents are cracking down on. It is hard to enforce because many of the students taking Adderall illegally are not known as harden criminals.


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