Why KTRS pulled Rick Perry's 'Come to Texas' ads

9:53 PM, Aug 26, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - A St. Louis radio station gave up thousands of dollars when it stopped running Texas Gov. Rick Perry's "Come to Texas" ads.

The ads tell Missouri businessmen and women to leave Missouri and bring their money to Texas.

KTRS is pulling the ads because the owners "live, work and play here, and survive because local business supports KTRS and we're supporting them," radio host McGraw Milhaven said.

He said the phone lines of his show lit up on Monday morning after he started talking about the radio stations' decision to cancel the ads on Friday afternoon.

"It's crass, I've never seen it before, he has every right to buy the ads. We have every right to cancel," Milhaven said.

Perry spent $100,000 on radio ads and $106,000 on TV ads.

"Somebody is coming in here saying our mother is ugly. I can say our mother's ugly, you can, but Rick Perry cannot say our mother is ugly. Can't do it, get out," Milhaven said.

University of Missouri Political Science professor Dave Robertson said Perry, a Republican, bought similar ads in 13 states, including Illinois, California and New York. They are all states with a lot of electoral votes and Democratic governors.

"His interests are not just votes, but campaign contributions," Robertson said.

He said Perry is also cashing in on Gov. Jay Nixon's veto to cut taxes for businesses. Nixon said he vetoed the bill to protect education and other critical services.

The ads will continue airing on KSDK. Management said they meet the criteria for decency and accuracy and aren't considered political advertising.


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