Bryant McKinnie owes $375,000 in strip club bills to Trick Daddy's father, lawsuit alleges

9:52 AM, Oct 30, 2012   |    comments
AP File
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Chris Chase, USA TODAY Sports

What most people do when they need more money at a strip club: Ask their server to break a $20 with ones.

What Bryant McKinnie does when he needs more money at a strip club: Ask for a tab from Trick Daddy's father that runs up to $375,000 over 20 months.

That's according to a recent lawsuit filed by Charles "Pop" Young, the father of Miami rapper Trick Daddy and the general manager of a large strip club in the city that boasts numerous professional athletes and rappers as patrons.

Young's suit alleges that McKinnie racked up the bills at Young's clubs. A written promise to pay back the money in Oct. 2010 has gone unfulfilled, according to NBC6.

On the bright side, the strip clubs named in the suit are all situated on dry land and have no association with boats.

The agent for the Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman and former superstar at The U declined comment to the news station.


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