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Mo. & Mass. governors make wager on World Series

9:46 PM, Oct 22, 2013

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is making a friendly wager with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick on the outcome of the 2013 World Series.

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Joyce Meyer Ministries lawsuit connected to Chris Coleman murder case

The family of a Columbia, Illinois woman murdered by her husband is suing his employer.

7:01 PM, Aug 15, 2012

Paula Sims Talks About What Led Her To Kill Her Two Daughters

Paula Sims of Alton, Ill., confessed to murdering her daughters -- 13-day-old Loralei in 1986 and six-week-old Heather -- in 1989. In her first television interview, Sims is speaking about what led her to kill her daughters.

5:36 PM, Nov 7, 2006

Chris Coleman's mistress testifies at murder trial

A key witness in the Chris Coleman murder trial took the stand Thursday afternoon.

2:48 AM, Apr 29, 2011

Andy, Sue Kovan photograph deer with ball stuck in antlers

A couple in Pennsylvania saw a deer outside their house that will have you looking twice. They took a photo of the deer with a basketball stuck in its antlers, so others could have a laugh too.

4:30 PM, Oct 11, 2013

Former abuser with tips on how to spot a heroin user

Heroin deaths are exploding across our area, and it's no longer affecting just people on skid row.  Here's a look at how heroin has destroyed lives, and how you can spot an addict.

11:09 PM, May 5, 2011

Elderly couple caught having sex in car in parking lot

You're never too old to show someone your love, but if you do it in the wrong place, you could get into trouble.

11:59 AM, Feb 14, 2013

New Missouri laws go into effect today

What follows below are highlights of new laws and changes to existing law based upon the Missouri General Assembly's bill summaries. A link to the Senate or House summary of each bill is also provided. Unless otherwise noted, the new laws and amendments to current laws are effective August 28, 2012.

11:42 AM, Aug 28, 2012

Eyob Tilahun charged for shooting at 3 men

Charges have been filed against a 26-year-old man accused of shooting at three men.

3:27 PM, Jan 4, 2013

Man rescued from house fire ignited by neighboring day care center

Fire in one building spreads to another, but quick action by firefighters aided in safely evacuating a man living in the home.

4:35 AM, Sep 17, 2012

Separate Jefferson County crashes claim two lives

Two different crashed in Jefferson County prove fatal to the drivers involved.

4:05 AM, Sep 17, 2012

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