Olympian Village full of Greek history

7:00 AM, Jul 24, 2012   |    comments
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Olympian Village, Missouri street sign

By Dana Dean

Olympian Village, Mo (KSDK) -- In the United States, a few places share a similar name with Olympia, Greece: the original site of the Olympic Games. There's Olympia, Washington and Mount Olympus, Utah. But in Missouri, you'll only find one Olympian Village.

The small city with a big name is located about 40 miles south of St. Louis in Jefferson County.

One resident said, "It's like a hidden little place." 

So make sure you slow down to see what makes them stand out. The name of their main street isn't mainstream.

"Actually, I live on Parthenon," said the resident.

Around every turn, another lesson in ancient Greek history.

"Yeah, live on Kronos Drive," said a resident. 

"What street do you live on?" NewsChannel 5 reporter Dana Dean asked a resident.

"T-h-e-m-i-s-t-o-c-l-e-s," responded the resident. 

"Say that again?" Dean asked.
"Themistocles," the resident said. 

Olympian Village has a population of 772. With its Olympic-size pool, Olympic-size track, Olympic-size, wait a minute...

" No Olympic Size swimming pool, no Olympic size track. No Olympic size nothing," said Olympian Village resident Lee Ray Snider. 

How Olympian Village got its name is all Greek to them.

"It's never really come up too much," said another resident.

NewsChannel 5 contacted city hall, a historian, a real estate company, a local newspaper, and even asked the Olympians. No one could tell us much until we tracked down the man who named the streets himself.

It turns out Olympian Village got its name all because of the nearby Athena School District, which is now part of the Desoto School District.

Olympian Village, Missouri: where the only thing outnumbering the Greek street names is its American pride.

The man who named the streets tells us the city was developed in the early 1960s to provide affordable housing for military veterans. Many original buyers have since moved out.



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