Olympic Village mayor: Winning more important than sex

8:46 PM, Jul 24, 2012   |    comments
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By Kelly Whiteside, USA TODAY

Judging from a recent story in ESPN The Magazine, the Mayor of the OlympicVillage is presiding over Sodom and its neighboring suburb of Gomorrah.

Among the juiciest items in the story about where 9,000-plus athletes will live during the London Games: the 100,000 condoms ordered for the Games and U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo's contention that she's seen athletes having sex in the open or as she put it "on the grass, between buildings people are getting down and dirty."

So what does Sir Charles Allen, the village's mayor, think about what could be the "raunchiest games ever" according to the Daily Mail of London? (The newspaper contends a record 150,000 condoms will be made available to athletes.)

"I haven't seen it," Allen said Tuesday. "If you've been training for four or eight years, the most important thing is competing and winning. If people want to go out after that and party, well, then they'll go into London and have a good time. And they would do that wherever they were so it's nothing to do with the Olympic Village."


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