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Mo. & Mass. governors make wager on World Series

9:46 PM, Oct 22, 2013

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is making a friendly wager with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick on the outcome of the 2013 World Series.

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St. Louis VA Medical Center dental infections: Nearly 2,000 at risk

The St. Louis VA Medical Center is notifying 1,812 people that they may have been exposed to dirty dental equipment and be at risk of infections.

10:31 PM, Jun 29, 2010

Teen Beauty Queen Arrested for Skipping on Restaurant Bill

A Louisiana beauty queen was arrested over the weekend for skipping out on a restaurant bill.

11:00 AM, Oct 22, 2008

New Missouri laws go into effect today

What follows below are highlights of new laws and changes to existing law based upon the Missouri General Assembly's bill summaries. A link to the Senate or House summary of each bill is also provided. Unless otherwise noted, the new laws and amendments to current laws are effective August 28, 2012.

11:42 AM, Aug 28, 2012

Patty and Tom Reis talk about death of David and Karen Reis

The parents of two siblings shot and killed in California are opening up about their loss.

9:14 PM, Apr 16, 2012

Miss USA contestant Sheena Monnin says pageant was fixed

Sheena Monnin, 27, is angry and has turned in her tiara as Miss Pennsylvania USA 2012.

11:13 AM, Jun 6, 2012

4 adults, 2 children killed in fatal Illinois crashes Friday

Icy driving conditions in Illinois led to six deaths on Friday evening March 1st, including two 9-year old children.

11:49 PM, Mar 2, 2013

Kansas considers removing President Obama from ballot

A GOP-controlled board in Kansas is trying to decide whether to remove President Obama from the state ballot over objections about his birth certificate.

1:28 PM, Sep 14, 2012

Man rescued from house fire ignited by neighboring day care center

Fire in one building spreads to another, but quick action by firefighters aided in safely evacuating a man living in the home.

4:35 AM, Sep 17, 2012

Separate Jefferson County crashes claim two lives

Two different crashed in Jefferson County prove fatal to the drivers involved.

4:05 AM, Sep 17, 2012

Reggie Clemons back in court

It's one of the most talked about double murder cases in Missouri's history...and now one of the convicted killers gets another day in court. Reggie Clemons is on death row for the 1991 murders of sisters Julie and Robin Kerry.

8:06 AM, Sep 17, 2012

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