Rough week for Redbirds, but some fans are keeping the faith

10:01 AM, Apr 7, 2011   |    comments
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(The Cardinal Nation Show) -- Yes, it was a rough week for the St. Louis Cardinals, as they began the 2011 season, at home but with less then desired results.

The homestand ended with a loss, and the pot was further stirred with a heated postgame press conference on Wednesday.  In that presser, Cards skipper Tony La Russa reacted to questions by reminding anyone listening that "it's just the first week," before walking off and ending the questions.

The discussion about the Cards first week and Tony La Russa's response to reporters has been fairly divided among those comments left on and on facebook.    Fan, Lana Benge Henry wrote, "I'd rather the Cards have a rought first week then have a bad last week in the playoffs.  Kinda like a bad dress rehersal makes for a great show. Have faith people after all we are Cardinal Nation."

Do you agree?  Or is one week enough to convince you that the 2011 season is already done for?   Be heard by visiting the Cardinal Nation page on @ or our facebook page at

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