Good cop/ bad cop mentality is how Carp and Waino lead

4:16 PM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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(KSDK Sports) -- The absence of Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter will be felt on many different way this spring.  On the field, we'll miss his tenacity on the mound.  The way he intimidated hitters into fearing the next pitch and the he dominated when he had to, acting as the classic "stopper" if a losing streak needed squelching.

In the dugout, you had to be watching.  You would see him eyeing opposing pitchers, giving tips to any Cardinal hitter before their at-bat.  Or he'd be watching opposing hitters and do the same favor that day's Cardinals starter.

But perhaps Carpenter did his best work in the clubhouse.  As the leader of the rotation and the pitching staff, it became Carpenter's job to give counsel to anyone needing help as well as to act as the driving force toward excellence.  Young Cardinals pitchers quickly learned it wasn't just managers they needed to impress, but Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright as well.

But now that Carpenter is back in St. Louis, it appears that Adam Wainwright is being expected to fill that roll. 

Wednesday in Jupiter, Manger Mike Matheny was asked by sports columnist Brian Burwell, "how different is Wainwright's approach to leadership in the clubhouse and of the pitching staff from Carpenter?

Click the above video link to hear what Matheny had to say.



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