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St. Louis Cardinals' Derek Lilliquist tells us what makes a pitcher a starting pitcher

12:42 PM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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(KSDK Sports) -- Not everyone can be a pitcher.  Not every pitcher can be a starting pitcher.  The role of a pitcher is not as easy to define as a say a first baseman or a shortstop.  Those who possess the skill to throw and pitch find themselves relegated to various levels depending on their skill set.

Some pitchers are better in specific situations, or facing a certain type of batter.  Some are better suited to pressure situations at the end of the game.  And then there is the breed known as the "starters." The men who's arms and body's have the strength and the endurace to throw deep into a game.

We asked Cardinals pitching coach Derek Lilliquist to help us define just what makes a pitcher a starting pitcher.


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