The Chirp: Astros pitching on an upswing

12:39 PM, Jun 25, 2013   |    comments
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(The Chirp) -- The original idea behind "The Chirp" is to offer this space as a platform for inspiring sports writers. Today's offering comes from intern Adam Rosen, a student from the University of Denver.

A Quick Glance at Astros Pitching
The Astros' recent success is evident of a team on the rise again. Astros manager Bo Porter points to Lucas Harrell (tonight's starter) and Erik Bedard (tomorrow's starter) as pitching powerhouses who could be instrumental victories over the Cardinals.

Harrell has found his stride during the month of June though, reducing his 3.76 ERA in April to 1.73 going into tonight's game. Harrell is touted as the second best pitcher in the AL who has pitched 20+ innings. indicates that Bedard is a "hot" pitcher going into this series after his performance against the Brewers last week. Bedard pitched a total of 13 1/3 innings in his last two starts, coming out of the series with a 0.66 ERA, but an overall season ERA of 4.43. Despite his recent success, a fantasy analysis indicates that Cardinals hitting will be a tough force for him to reckon with.

Porter also gives a nod to Jose Cisnero, a long-term reliever. Cisnero, who made his MLB debut 2 months ago, is cited by Chris Abshire as "the best bullpen arm the Astros have." Porter indicates that while he is still only a rookie, he is quickly finding Cisnero to be crucial to success for the Astros. Cisnero goes into this series with a 0.42 ERA and 23 strikeouts in his last 10 appearances.

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