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Agreement allows St. Louis Rams to play in London

10:12 PM, Feb 21, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK) - If you want to see the Rams play the Patriots this October, you'll need a ticket to London.

The overseas game had been controversial, since it will mean the Rams play one less game at the Dome.

However, the team and the Convention and Visitors Commission say with the deal they worked out, St. Louisans won't lose out.

Technically, fans will still miss out on one game here. However, the agreement tries to ensure workers, and downtown business won't take a financial hit.

The Rams have agreed they'll still pay the Dome's seasonal workers for that lost game.

And they're allowing the CVC to book twice as many conventions during football season.

"Any time we can book a convention that will use the Dome, it will be a significant size in terms of the number of attendees. And that translates directly into how much money people will spend in the community," said Kitty Ratcliffe, President of the CVC.

Just one big convention could mean an additional $15-20 million for St. Louis.

Downtown businesses say this will more than make up for one lost Rams game.

"And with the way the Rams have played, a miserable convention can be better than the way they were," said Eddie Neill, owner of The Dubliner.

"They're great for about a five hour period. And then everybody drives back to the county or wherever the case may be. But for the synergy downtown, for the economy of downtown, more conventions, better for Mosaicm," said General Manager of Mosaic, Gregg Doyle.

The Rams issued a statement saying they too are pleased with the agreement.

The CVC hopes this is a good sign, considering there's another negotiation going on right now concerning the Ram's future at the Dome and in St. Louis.

"We worked it out very amicably and I hope that that bodes us well for the future," said Ratcliffe.

While the opportunity for additional conventions will last, this agreement only allows for one London game. The possibility of doing it again the next two years, will be negotiated at a later date.


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