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Mo. & Mass. governors make wager on World Series

9:46 PM, Oct 22, 2013

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is making a friendly wager with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick on the outcome of the 2013 World Series.

Boston sports radio host roots for the Cardinals

9:38 PM, Oct 22, 2013

The countdown to the showdown in Boston continues, and we are just one day away from Game 1of the World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox.

Biggest reason Boston fears the Cardinals

6:42 PM, Oct 22, 2013

We are counting down to the showdown between the Cardinals and the Red Sox.

Bronze Red Sox statues dear to fans at Fenway

5:04 PM, Oct 22, 2013

One thing the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox have in common is the way they pay homage to their legendary players.

Game 1 starter Wainwright a true mentor to young arms

3:34 PM, Oct 22, 2013

 In this interview clip, Adam Wainwright talks about his approach to meeting young pitchers, and how he moves quickly to make them feel comfortable around him.

Wainwright on his stuff and how he feels compared to last year

3:25 PM, Oct 22, 2013

Wainwright on his stuff and how he feels compared to last year

Matheny announces Craig will be on World Series roster

2:49 PM, Oct 22, 2013

USA Today's Bob Nightengale said, "The Cardinals actually have the edge at DH: There's no advantage this time for the Red Sox, because the Cardinals' DH happens to be Allen Craig."

World Series caps Wainwrights' battle back from surgery perfectly

2:44 PM, Oct 22, 2013

So how important is it to Wainwright, both personally and professionally, to not only be back in the World Series two years later, but to be making such an important contribution?

St. Louis, Boston Archbishops make 2013 World Series wager

2:29 PM, Oct 22, 2013

The 2013 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox even has religious figures making wagers.

Cardinals' success starts on the farm

1:45 PM, Oct 22, 2013

St. Louis roster is loaded with homegrown talent

What will Shelby Miller's role be in the World Series?

12:56 PM, Oct 22, 2013

Before leaving for Boston, Rene Knott asked general manager John Mozeliak if Miller could have an expanded role against the Red Sox.

Cusumano: Advice to Haith, why World Series managers motivate

12:33 PM, Oct 22, 2013

In today's show, Frank Cusumano offers his advice to Missouri men's basketball coach Frank Haith, and than talks about both World Series managers and why players are motivated by them.

Ill. family's generations predict Cardinals World Series wins

12:29 PM, Oct 22, 2013

Sarah Lipcaman gave birth to her son in 1982. She was induced just days before the Cardinals won the World Series so that her husband Bret and doctor could watch the games of course.

Mixed martial arts fundraiser for military PTSD

11:17 AM, Oct 22, 2013

Linda Ricci misses her nephew, Adam Muffler.

Why player development won in 2013 for Cardinals

10:35 AM, Oct 22, 2013

What the Cardinals proved against the Dodgers is that the "new school" way of building a baseball team can work. If they win four more (and the resulting championship), expect to see more teams begin to follow suit.

Boston officials discuss World Series security

10:31 AM, Oct 22, 2013

Boston officials are asking people to take public transportation to World Series games between the Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Frank Haith suspended for 5 games, NCAA says

9:59 AM, Oct 22, 2013

University of Missouri men's basketball coach Frank Haith will be suspended five games this season following a lengthy NCAA investigation into the University of Miami's athletic department, according to an ESPN report.

"Must Knows" before Wainwright's first pitch

8:55 AM, Oct 22, 2013

The St. Louis Cardinals take aim at their second World Series title in three years, as they kick off the 109th edition of the Fall Classic against the Boston Red Sox on Wednesday at Fenway Park.

Report: Thigpen getting tryout with St. Louis Rams

8:54 AM, Oct 22, 2013

Thigpen, played six years in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills after being drafted out of CCU by the Minnesota Vikings.